Patrick Flanagan

is an internationally published photographer and writer.

Aside from a career in marketing, graphic design and copywriting, he has worked as a senior marketing executive at a JSE listed national retail organisation. 

He is the principal strategist for over 80 on-line enterprises.

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Talking Marketing in the Digital Age with Breezehill.

by Patrick Flanagan


The Value of a Blog

If there was any doubt about the way marketing is ever changing, take a look at a blog. 

Opinion and information seekers abound. Every subject has experts, from the intricacies of the right way to put up scaffold to which camera lens should be used for say medical photos, to how to write a book. Its all out there and easily found.

Becoming an influencer, to make your brand sing.

There’s a direct correlation and a high value return when you associate this expert opinion with your brand.

These are the benefits:

Trust – Build this with strong, well informed opinions that add to the readers’ knowledge.

Return Visits to your Web site – Build an audience that will keep coming back looking for your advice or view.

Dialogue – Soon you will get ‘one on one’ calls from individuals looking for your expert opinion. 

The ‘go to’ person – You will eventually ‘own’ a category or subject.

Blogging like good sex it’s all about frequency and penetration:


Whatever the frequency, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, needs to be stated to create expectation. 



A blog should not be overly long and should leave some answers posed to future blogs.


And remember if you want to be trusted, be honest.


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