Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Web site cost?

The cost of designing a Web site is dependent on what your requirements are and whether you provide all the content or if it has to be generated for you. We always find out what you are needing, and after discussiosn with you will give you a quote specific to your requirements.

Do you offer payment plans?

The normal payment structure is 50% at commencment and 50% on completion. However we will, where necessary arrange a suitable payment plan that suits all parties.

Will my Web site be found online?

To be found online all Web sites need to be optimized for the search engines. The basic optimization is done with the development of the Web site and we do offer an ongoing package desinged to assist your Web site climb the organic search rankings.

What is included in Web design?

We design the Web site to suit the subject it is about and will source imagery if required. We do need you to provide the content (pictures videos, words, technical information and address details) and will assist where necessary with the copy writing.  Professional photography is available within our geographical area at an additional cost.

What about hosting?

We offer professional hosting and domain registration but will work with your current service provider if necessary.

What are the monthly costs?

You will always need to pay for the monthly hosting and we do offer an optional support package to take care of the updates and maintainence and search engine optimization

How long does it take to design a Web site?

We are dependant on you to provide the content and any specific imagery but once all is received it should be no longer than 10 days.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and this is what effects where on the organic search results list your Web site ranks on giant search engines like Google. Many factors effect the SEO including how relevant the content is, how well written it is, keywords, links and relevance of the content

What does SEO Cost?

SEO is a very time intensive exercise so is usually charged per hour. We will assess your Web site and let you know what would be optimial for your particular site.  

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